Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

What Are You Seeking To Learn More About?

Internal strength

I am amazed at people’s inner strength.  In the last week, death has come to people who I know and am reminded of just how precious life is and the people we choose to share it with every day.  Where do we find strength?  Do others inspire us to keep

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What motivates me most is…

people telling me I can’t do something.  UGH!!  When they tell me something is impossible or negate everything I believe to be true about myself and all that makes me who I am.  Yesterday, a young man told me that his parents think he is a “screw up” and I

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What do you not want to miss?

Are there people’s events and activities that you would just beat yourself up for if you missed being a part of them?  Missed sharing that special moment that can never be duplicated again with those people who are your world?  We will always have obligations and responsibilities that are required of us,

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Who would you do it for?

I have not been one to accept help from people for most of my life.  I was (and still consider myself on some occasions) Wonder Woman, after all.  But if someone is helping me and I try to rebuff it and dismiss it, all they have to say to make

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You have the G.I.F.T.

Last night, Mike and I were going over our schedules for the day and he said, “You have the G.I.F.T.”  It kind of made me chuckle.  Lately, I have been receiving compliments left and right and not sure how to process them.  I simply say, “Thank you.”, but inside it

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Courage to care

It is so easy to do nothing.  But when you lay it all out there and care for someone other than yourself, it means you make yourself vulnerable and not everyone is willing to pay that price.  But you can step up for what you believe in and make sure

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Do the impossible

People will always be quick to tell you what you cannot do and why.  They will discourage you from trying faster than most of us would care to admit.  But what if you show them up?  What if you show them that they were wrong?  Against every odd and statistic,

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Fight for your life

It is YOURS, isn’t it???  No one else owns it.  No one else should and yet we let it just happen.  We just give it away.  We believe that it is something that kind of happens, on its own, with no responsibility of our own.  We stay the course and

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When paths collide

We all can imagine the impact an accident has when two moving forces collide, even if we have never experienced it.  We have all seen the crash-test dummy clips on TV showing us the safest car and seen numerous abandoned vehicles that are “totalled”.  But what happens when people intersect and

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