Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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Making mistakes

Who hasn’t made any in their lifetime?  Pretty sure that no hands went up when I asked that question.  It happens…to the best of us.  It means we are humans, not robots.  Hopefully, we don’t make them with the intentions of hurting someone else — chances are, it happens even

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Prove it!

Last night, I found myself caught up in one of my favorite, true-story, movies and of course have to watch the end to make it all worth while.  It is mind-blowing at what this young man believed about his destiny and where he should be even when others didn’t believe him and

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Someone has to go first…

don’t they?  Someone ALWAYS has to go first.  There is always a pioneer of something never thought of before (think Steve Jobs) that somehow finds a way to make the impossible possible.  Whether it is something said or done, there is a first time for everything.  Have you ever had to be

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Building walls

We all do it.  Some of us are better are it than others.  For centuries,  people have built walls to protect themselves from the enemy.  We believe that the taller the wall, the thicker the wall, the less chance of someone getting through that wall…where they find us exposed for

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The price of your dream

All things come with a price.  There are sacrifices that occur when we pursue our dreams.  Sometimes, we have to determine if the cost is too great.  Other times, the price for not living is not really living at all.  One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Seuss —

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On your way!!!

Do you know where you are headed?  You are on your way!!  Doesn’t that sound like you know where you are going?  Maybe…maybe not.  To me, it means you are moving and that you are not standing still.  You are making something different.  Anything.  You could be asking yourself the

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How are you ever going to get to 2nd base?

Being a baseball family, I heard a connection to following your dreams as it relates to baseball and I had to share.  For those of us that have dreams (which is ALL of us), there are reasons why we don’t pursue them and they never get fulfilled.  We are afraid…it

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Be a lighthouse

This morning, I was thinking about light (maybe because it was dark), but not just any kind of light.  I was thinking about the light from a lighthouse.  Why a lighthouse you ask…I don’t know… I have a picture of a lighthouse in my office at work, but I know

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The buffet of life

Close your eyes and imagine this…sitting at a table in a restaurant and never getting a menu.  You just sit there and before you know it, plates of trouble, glasses of issues, and silverware covered in hurt are before you.  You didn’t ask for it, and yet it is what you are

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