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Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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Quit hitting the snooze button

You know you do it.  Just admit it.  We ALL do it.  But I am not talking about that annoying little electronic device that we need to jostle us out of our slumber so that we can take on the day.  I am talking about what we do with our

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Just Dance!!!

I LOVE this video!!  This little boy reminds me of how free he is and how much fun he had by being himself.  We all need to be reminded that we are better when we are just living our lives and dancing…even if the whole room is watching.  Love your life!!

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Moments of Impact

Moments of impact happen every day and we never know it.  Sometimes, they change us forever in ways we never even imagined.  Others change us so subtly that they are not even noticeable.  We have all had both.  Regardless, they all stay.  For those moments that will always stay with me, I

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Living two lives

Is this you?  If it is, are you ashamed to admit it?  Do you have a life that everyone else knows where you go to work, you attend church, you pick up things from the grocery store, and take part in your kids’ lives?  Do you also have a secret life? 

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Opportunity has a shelf life

Perishables expire.  They go bad if they are not used in the time that they should be.  The same could be said about opportunities.  They come and go, with no real defined explanation of when or if they will come again.  We have been conditioned to be careful and cautious and to

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Remaking ourselves

We are given an opportunity to do this every single day, but don’t always take full advantage of it.  It’s ok.  Forgive yourself just as I need to forgive myself.  But what if you believed this about yourself?  Yesterday, I was told by a friend that he felt stuck, like he

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5 things to ENERGIZE you!

Yesterday, someone told me that they could FEEL the energy around me.  Truth is, I was exuding it and I knew it!!  How did I do it?  I really wasn’t that hard and I did not sit at home practicing before I took on the day. Here are 5 ways

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Book update

Some of you may know that I committed to writing my first book during the month of November.  As much as I focused on writing it, I just ran out of time.  However, with a new year comes new goals.  I am back at writing my book again and expect

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The Climb

This came to me as I was headed west as I crossed the mountains of Colorado ( I only guess at it being Colorado based on the snow-covered terrain some 30,000 feet below) as I traveled to my home state of California to see family.  It reminded me of a song that

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