Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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When love calls…

…do you answer?  Do you wonder if it is a wrong number?  Do you accept what is given freely or question its very existence?  I mean, you can’t see love.  You can show someone you love them by doing something for them or with them, but you have to FEEL

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Lost inhibition

I cannot remember the last time I was in a room full of women, some that I just met, where I felt more safe, more encouraged, and more welcomed than I did over the weekend.  And yet, we all were very vulnerable and (some of us) were very uncomfortable with

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Someone is always watching

People I don’t usually talk to or spend time with have confirmed they are watching me, but not in a creepy, stalker kind of way.  They are observant of what I am doing and I found out that they knew.  Not in a creepy, stalker kind of way — they told

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What do you believe?

I was talking to a friend and co-worker the other day and found myself caught up in sharing a story that I feel like I have told a million times.  Watching how the story unfolded before my very eyes also has been played over in my head and holds fast in

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Break the cycle

In order for something to be different, you have to change something and that means you have to break the cycle.  HAVE TO.  But, I understand that that is easier said than done.  It takes great courage to change the life you have lived for so long and yet you also know

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Changing your habits

We all have habits…some good, some bad.  Some we are proud of and  others we would never admit.  This week, I started to get back into an old habit that I have missed (yes, I said missed) dearly and have also begun a new habit as well.  Or at least,

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My greatest disappointment

In the last few days, I have been thinking about doing something.  Anything.  But not necessarily something great.  I never really even knew what I would be doing, but because everything happens for a reason and the timing is as it is meant to be, then I had to believe that something

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Don’t live there anymore

Do you remember your childhood home?  The place where your innocence was born and the foundation of all you knew that was true has molded you into what you love about being “home”?  Maybe you don’t really have a physical place but a place you return to in your mind

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The Book

I know this will be my first book, but not my last.  I already have a few ideas for other books.  I have three weeks to finish the manuscript and get it off to three editors and they will have the month of April to make suggestions and edit where

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