Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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Never too “young”

How many of you have said, “I can’t do anything different.  I am too old.”  or “It is too late for me.”  Sounds familiar?  Maybe the words are different, but the meaning is the same.  Looking around the room to see if I just called you out.  Stop looking.  I

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For once in my life

I am who I have always been.  I have truly found inner peace knowing that I work hard every day being the best of me.  EVERY…SINGLE…DAY.  Do I have to?  No, I choose to.  By mere coincidence (or divine plan), an old friend came to my front door a couple of

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Life is a Journey

Every second that I live, I travel.  And so do you.  It may not seem that we are, but in truth, we are.  Along the paths I have taken in my 45 years here, I have stumbled.  I have become confused.  I have lost innocence.  I have forgotten love.  I have refused

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Finding my nerve

This week has been trying but freeing all at the same time.  I found it most amazing how empowered I felt after I could be silent no more.  I did not ask for this, but the second time it comes around, it gets your attention.  Telling myself that I had

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Got happy?

Well, do you?  Not the fake, “just get me from one day to the next happy”, either.  You know what “happy” I am talking about.  The kind that just exudes from you and people just smile when they see you or think of you.  Happiness is a choice, and it

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The Act of Giving

This time of year, there are gifts being given and being received.  I realize that the act of giving for most people is heightened because of the time of year, but it saddens  me that we only seem to pay attention this time of the year.  Do people give out of

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Far from over…

We all started somewhere…it doesn’t matter where.  Some of us grew up in one place and never left.  Others moved around a bit, hoping to find a place to settle down.  But all of us can admit that along the way, we have received some bumps and even given some

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Hit me with your best shot

Life is tough.  No doubt about that.  Life is going to kick you and then when you are still on your knees, it is going to kick you again.  And life does not care if you are struggling already.  Life is not fair so forget about that too.  There are

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What’s the view like?

What do you see from where you are?  Can you see for miles or is there a layer that prevents you from seeing far at all?  This week, I was talking with someone about possibility and was surprised and his outlook with his “predictable” look on life.  I get it…you

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