Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

What Are You Seeking To Learn More About?

Are you superstitious?

We all have some level of belief in the “luck” that comes our way because we do something that no one else understands.  There are many college teams that have an icon or plaque strategically placed between the locker room and the playing field and the hype of touching said icon

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Why does it take a eulogy?

For a long time, I kept silent. But I don’t ever remembering a moment when I wanted to say something and didn’t.  For whatever reason.  I guess I just didn’t think too much about how significant (or insignificant) my words would impact a situation.  I mean…no one else but me

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The fire within

I can feel it.  It is getting stronger and I can feel the trickle of a flame that wants to explode.  I am doing everything I can to keep it quiet and silent.  My heart races and my mind goes a mile a minute faster than it normally does.  This fire engulfs

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Still that girl

Do you believe that we are destined to live a life that has been already written for us?  Do you believe that we still have a say in free will when it comes to choices?  When I was a very little girl, I knew who I was and who I

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This mind cannot be silenced

There are very few moments that occur when I am not thinking.  About something.  Or someone.  Sometimes, I consider it a burden.  Never being able to sit and relax, watch some meaningless TV, and chill.  For the most of my days when I am awake, I am thinking.  Maybe it

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How do you know for sure?

Everything is up for debate.  For every opinion, there is an opposite opinion.  For every reason to do something, there is a reason NOT to do something.  We have the chance every day to silence the questions and the doubt that may have kept us up most of the night. 

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What does it sound like?

What does “what” sound like?  What does it feel like?  What words would you use to describe it so that if someone could not see you, how would they know?  Could you convince someone clear across the world of what it sounds like when you live?  Not just exist, but

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Miles make the woman

This country is full of women who spend thousands of dollars every year to make sure they look as young as they can.  How many celebrities can you name that have had some kind of a lift here and there to make sure that gravity doesn’t take over?  Or at least

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Ready to receive it now

Do you think you are ready?  Ready for what?  Is she kidding me?  I don’t have time to be ready for something else!  Is that what you are telling yourself right now?  I know…I said those same exacts words over four years ago.  As I was driving around my home

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