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Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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12 Ways to be the BEST kind of friend

A few months ago, I was informed that today is Friendship Day and have thought about writing a post about friendship for some time.  But I waited for this day to write a post with 1000 words in it describing the kind of friends we have and what makes them

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You have updates available

We are in a constant state of needing to get the latest version of updates.  They pop up on our computer late at night, show up as little icons on our smart phones, and even come the old-fashioned way — in the mail. But not the electronic updates we have

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Don’t Stop The Music

Sometimes, we are in the middle of history and never know it.  We can be surrounded by the past, with pieces here and there, remnants of times gone by and they become something much more….something that lives a little longer. This past week, memories both that I shared and learned

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Do you know who you are?

There’s a tough question for you…but can you answer it?  Or more importantly, would you want to know?  Some people don’t want to admit who they are. There are all kinds of personality tests that will tell you why you like the color blue and how your birth order and

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Something “awesome” this way comes…

When I was younger, I remember watching a movie based on a book written by Ray Bradbury called, “Something wicked this way comes” and although it was not scary, the title in itself had me wondering what was coming. It sounded bad.   Because of the word, “wicked”, the title

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Going on a treasure hunt!

Who wants to come with me? How many of us find excitement and intrigue with this question?  Does anyone really ever say, “No, I think I will pass.”  Probably not.  How many of you got super enthusiastic when I invited you to come with me?  Not even knowing any details

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Life is a dressing room!

Don’t ask why I am writing about a dressing room because you all know I am not a shopper.  And I was not (until recently) someone who tried clothes on in the dressing room.  My focus seemed to be that of someone who wanted the pain and torture of shopping

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When your passion defines you

When we are asked what we do for a vocation, does it sound more like a job or a passion?  Could you sell your profession to a stranger looking for something new?  Do you get excited about your work?  Many of us have a job, and if we are lucky,

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When time begins again…

There are times in our life when time actually stands still. When we all can’t wait for our babies to sleep through the night and then before we know it, that baby is now keeping us up at night because we want to make sure he or she is home

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