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Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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All The Planning in the World Won’t Make You Perfect

I planned to be perfect For most of my years, my plan was to be flawless. From an early age, that was my goal. Regardless of the event or purpose. To be pristine. Extraordinary. While I was in school, I grew very accustomed to planning life. Whether it be around

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A story of hope can be found in a single smile

A single smile It can capture us and hold us like nothing else can. Within it, we find something small, but meaningful. We notice it right away. Ignoring it is not so easily done. We see it and grab hold of it. Believing in the moment it is given as

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The 5 Best Things To Do When Life is Falling Apart

Sometimes, life is just hard Without notice, our life can take a 180 turn. It rips the rug out from underneath us. While we are still trying to figure out what just happened, it lands a one-two punch. Knocking us over. Leaving us bleeding. Full of confusion. Creating a stress

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Confidence is the most important attribute

Confidence is HUGE! There are times in life when we feel really confident. Other times, not so much. Some skills we are born with, while others are learned. Although there are many ways to be confident, it is something we see, hear, and feel. Maybe it is found in something

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4 Reasons Why You Should Fall in Love with Curiosity

Being curious From an early age, we ask questions. “Why is the sky blue?” “Why are Grandpa’s hands wrinkly?” “When did you meet Mommy?” Teacher encourage asking questions too. That’s how we learn. All of us. We push buttons on things that have buttons. We all do it. Then something

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The truth we fail to see every day

What we don’t see With the way the world runs, there are a lot we miss. Things we don’t see. Maybe we don’t do it on purpose. But it still happens. Some things happens so slowly, its impact isn’t felt immediately. It’s there. We are so focused on what is

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Here you are: why not start here?

You are here We want to know our location. Whether we are at the local mall or at a sporting venue. In order for us to get where we want to go, we first must know where we are. It is essential to all of us. Yet too often, we

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7 reasons why change makes us better

There are many reasons for change Life is funny sometimes. Other times, it is just down right scary. We change schools, move jobs, and fall in love with different people. We start one day with one kind of attitude then something happens and changes it. Maybe neighbors move away and

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