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We forget this sometimes, as we become focused on what can bring us down. We allow that to happen. It is easier to do it. I have a few things on my plate right now that I did not plan for or ask for, but they are here anyway. I cannot change it. However, in trying to explain a perspective to a young man who I care about, I wanted him to think about how his situation could be worse. When we focus on the negative, we are neglectful to what we do have. Life stinks sometimes. Not just for you or me, but for all of us. Choices we make end up biting us on the back side and we have to move on. No whining or throwing a fit about “what’s fair.” Get done what needs to be done and continue on this wild ride. We are all thrown into situations we would not pick, regardless of what they are. I have never heard of someone wishing that their loved one had passed on. It just doesn’t happen. We wish for the good to always be present and for the bad to never show up. Guess what? Life does not work that way. “You have to have blessings and obstacles. One without the other is neither.” You wouldn’t know the difference of a blessing or an obstacle unless you knew what the other was like. Be grateful that whatever is before you is not worse. Sure…everyone picks for it to be better. Who wouldn’t? I have also never heard of someone who bought a lottery or powerball ticket who wished they WOULDN’T win. It just doesn’t happen. Whatever is in front of you is meant to teach you something. Pay attention. The lesson may not be what you think it should be. Use this event or situation to motivate you. I am grateful for whatever life brings me, even if it is unwanted. I am meant to deal with it and I know I will be better for it. I am most grateful for the chance to make amends, look at things with a new view, and appreciate what is before me. It makes me a better me…and for that I am eternally grateful.

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