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I am more calm than I was a few days ago when I first was asked to speak. I am more excited about it then afraid of it. I have done some research over the weekend and have convinced myself that I need to do this, even if it is this one time. I have ordered a few books to read and have several at home already, including almost all of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. I heard a speech over the weekend that really has made an impact on my life now and what I will say in this presentation. Dr. Kevin Elko’s “Nerves of Steel” mentions that people are always quick to tell people what end result they want (ie, I want to lose 20 pounds; I want a new career, etc), but never tell you what they are willing to do to get there. That’s the difference that has changed my attitude. What changes do you want in your life and what are you willing to do to get there? Makes you think, don’t it? Have a wonderful day!

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