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Ok, so this saying came to me over the weekend and I have been meaning to share it with you, but when I would think of it, I didn’t have access to the computer or was rushing out the door. This attitude of “All in!” is one I have embraced as another motto for life. I am not much of a gambler and was not watching any poker on tv this weekend, but this still came to me. This applies to us – to our lives – to everything we desire and we have to have faith when we are committed to say, “I’m all in.” It means that I believe, 100%, without a doubt that whatever I have is the BEST thing out on the table. We believe this so strongly that we are willing to chance losing everything as we have no guarantee that what we have is the best. But we have to be willing to lay it all out there. If we don’t, we will never know. Sometimes, the “chips” we have at our disposal changes, because we win some and we lose some. Sometimes, even when we think what we have what it takes, someone else has been dealt something better, but we have is still pretty good and the luck just didn’t fall our way. The hardest part is waiting for everyone else to show us what they have after we have decided to go “all in”. We are anxious and nervous and almost cannot breath as we anticipate our fate. It can feel like time literally stood still and we “hurry up and wait”. Is there something in your life that you hesitate about…that you want to commit to all the way, but are afraid of possible outcomes? You have to let go…commit all the way, without ever going back or regret, and HAVE TO go ALL IN.  I have played it safe my entire life, living in a glass bubble, being protected. Now, I have plans to put all of my fears (ok, most of them :-)) aside and finally, finally, live all in. It is so liberating to say and be free of those self-imposed chains that I was shackled with for so long. I teetered on the fence about letting Rocky in and realized that I was making myself have motion sickness because of my indecisiveness. I had to choose. It was either keep to the status quo or do something different. I chose the latter and told her that I was “all in” with her today. No going back…no regrets…no safety net. Not that she didn’t already know it, but I said it out loud (so it is real). At lunch, another possibility came my way unexpectedly and we will see where that takes us. As much as my stomach was turning because of the excitement and nervousness, I calmed myself when I reminded that I was “All in!” Be willing to take chances and be willing to accept when things don’t go as expected, because regardless of the best planning, something will find a way to challenge you and question what you are made of and what you believe. Every struggle you face is meant to teach you a lesson…what are you supposed to learn? Find your Moxie and Go All In!

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