5 things to ENERGIZE you!

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Yesterday, someone told me that they could FEEL the energy around me.  Truth is, I was exuding it and I knew it!!  How did I do it?  I really wasn’t that hard and I did not sit at home practicing before I took on the day.

Here are 5 ways to help you feel energized and that momentum will keep you riding the waves all day:

  1. Exercise.  Yes, we have all heard this one before, but it can truly change your outlook and “pump you up.”  You don’t have to run a marathon in one day, but moving your body and pushing yourself to do what we all need is never a bad thing.  Even if I walk in the mornings, by 6am I am so ready for what happens next!

  2. Smile. I know, this one is easy too.  But when you wish someone a “Good morning” with a smile or just say hello, you pass along your energy to someone else and that starts a ripple effect.  This world needs more smiles. 

  3. Sing.  And not just sing, but dance too.  Who cares what everyone else thinks?  Secretly, they are wishing they had your confidence to sing “Call me Maybe” as you drive your co-workers back to work.  It’s ok, I know who they are and yes, that was me.  Give those people in the car next to you something to smile about too!
  4. Find your joy.  What gives you joy?  It doesn’t have to cost much and it won’t consume all of your time.  What do you love to do that fills your heart?  I love to write and to give to others.  When you find it, make your joy as much of a priority in your life just as everything else is because it makes dealing with everything else better.  It just does.
  5. Surround yourself with energized people.  I know negativity when I see it and hear it.  So do you.  Make a conscious effort to be around people who bring you up, not down.  Ask them what energizes them and some of it may actually surprise you.  It is not difficult to be drawn to those that inspire you, but you do have to make an effort to seek them out.

Wishing you all an ENERGIZED day as you keep practicing to be every day!!!

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